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About Us

Welcome to Wye Valley Guns

Situated just off the A470 between Brecon and Buith Wells.

Wye Valley Guns is a business that offers a bespoke and personal service.

We do this by combining our wealth of experience

within the sport.

Wye Valley Guns provides guns, ammunition, shooting accessories for Game & Clay Pigeon Shooting and also providing welcoming environment for everyone visting our shop.


Wye Valley Guns is run by Annalise and Dorian Evans.

Annalise has represented Wales in Clay Target Shooting continuously since 2017. In addition to this, Annalise has gained awards in World, British and English championships. 

Dorian's shooting began in the field, on a local estate where he would help out on shoot days, this is where his passion for the sport began. In 2003, Dorian then moved into Clay Target Shooting where he has been continuosly representing Wales since 2007. The highlight of his career was winning the English Sporting Home Country's International in 2019. 

Our Services

Wye Valley Guns are pleased to offer

an exteded range of services

We pride ourselves with the quick turn around times to get your firearms repaired and/or serviced 

 This includes stock finishing, blueing, dent removal, rib lifting, barrel improvment, stock shortening

and butt - pad fitting.

Our recommended yearly shotgun service starts at £75

NB- Upon the completion of repairs/servicing and collection of your firearm/shotgun from us, it is important that you are in possession of the appropriate shotgun certificate or firearms license. Without the relevant documentation we will not be able to hand the

gun back over to you.

Private and secure parking right

outside the shop door

Gun Storage

 Wye Valley Guns can help by safely storing

your gun or Firearms until you need back.

We can store your guns for a few days, months or on a much longer term basis.

Storage cost from: £3 per week/per gun 

Other services include:

  • Gun Hire
  • Cartridge Supply
  • Scope Fitting
  • Gun Valuations
  • Deactivation
  • Dealer Transfers RFD to RFD
  • Chronographing
  • After Hours shop appointments
  • Shotgun cleaning service

Shooting Lessons

We have good contacts with shooting instructors

  and number of shooting grounds and schools where you would be made to feel very welcome 

New to Shooting

For those who are thinking of venturing into the world of shooting, it can be a daunting,

The Wye Valley Guns team will help you feel at ease and provide you with the professional help you need to make the choice that best suits you, we can also help with gun-fitting and cartridge choice.

Wye Valley Guns will also be able to advise you on licensing, gun storage and cleaning of your shotgun/firearm. Please call or drop into the shop and ask, we will be happy to assist you with anything

you want or need.

Current Stock


New Shotguns Guns

Caesar Guerini Invictis I Ascent- 12G, O/U, 30 inch £4,995

Fabarm Elos B2 Feild Notte (Silver)-  20G- O/U. 30 inch £1,275

Fabarm Elos B2 Feild Notte (Silver)- 12G, O/U, 30 inch £1,275

ATA super sport- 12G 30 inch £799.99

ATA Sp Black Game- 20G 30 Inch £625

KOFS Sceptre Game 28G 28inch £535 

KOFS Sceptre 410 30inch £535

KOFS Sceptre 410 28inch(Youth Version)£535

Miroko MK Game 20G 30inch M/C £3850

Caesar Guerini 12G 32inch Magnus Sporting £3695

Fabarm 12 gauge 28 inch Elos N2 SYREN O/U £1,450

Derya 12 gauge lion Wanderer Semi-auto 28 inch £475

New Airguns

Air Arms .22 TX 200 Hunter Carbine Walnut £695

Weihrauch .22 HW 110 ST £786

Weihrauch .22 95K DELUX £395

Weihrauch .177 95K DELUX £395

Weihrauch .177 HW90K £495

Weihrauch .177 HW 30 S kit £245

Weihrauch .22 HW110 ST PCP £786

Hatsan Arms .22 900X £100

Hatsan Arms .177 900X £100

S/H Shotguns

Miroko MK60 High Pheasant Grade 5 Pair- 12G, O/U, 32 inch, S/H, £4400

Lanber- 12G, O/U, 28 inch, S/H, £250 

Browning B425 Trap- 12G, O/U 32inch £750

Webley & Scott 12 gauge 810

Camo Semi-Auto Shotgun £220 L/H

Browning B725 Sporter 30inch O/U £1450  

Beretta 12 gauge DT11 Sporting Adj 30 inch £5250

Franchi 12 gauge 30inch M/C ALCIONE ONE £675

Browning 12 gauge Ultra XT M/C Hi Rib £1050 

New Rifles

Savage Arms .17 WSM B. MAG Laminate £700

Hatsan .22 LR Escort American Synthetic kit £280 



Intercomp HV- 24g 7.5- Plastic £254

Intercomp HV- 24g  7.5- Fibre £262

Subsonic VLR- 28g 7.5 - Fibre £298

Comp X- 21g 7.5- Fibre £240

Superfast- 27g 7.5- Plastic £243

Superfast- 27g 7.5- Fibre £251

Sporting-100-  28g 8- Plastic £245

Sporting- 100- 28g 8- Fibre £255

Pro One- 24g 7- Plastic £291

Pro One- 24g 7.5 - Plastic £291

Pro One- 28g 7.5- Plastic £303

Pro One- 28g 8- Plastic £303

Pro One- 28g 7.5- Fibre £313

*20G* Pro 20- 24g 7.5- Fibre £303

Sovereign- 28g 8- Plastic £326

Sovereign- 28g 7.5 - Plastic £326

Sovereign Parcours- 28g 6.5- Plastic £340

Special Pigeon- 32g 6- Fibre £330

High Pheasant Extreme - 32g 5- Fibre £

*410* High Pheasant-18g 6- Fibre £410

*410* Game & Clay- 11g 6- Fibre £336

28G Imperial Game - 16g 5 - Fibre £348


Litespeed- 26g 8-  Plastic £217

Litespeed- 26g 8-  Fibre £222

Fblack Sporting- 28g 8.5- Plastic  £247

Fblack- 28g 7.5- Plastic £247

Fblack- 24g 7.5- Plastic £234

F3 Bior- 28g 9-Plastic £268

Steel 32- 32g 4- Plastic £335

Steel 35- 35g 4- Plastic £370

F3 Game- 32g 6-Fibre £360

*28G* HP28- 24g 5- Plastic £370

3 inch Mag- 52g 0- Plastic £8.00 per box 10


Select-21g-8 -Plastic £215                

Olympic Blue -24g-7.5 Fibre £234                

Olympic Blue -28g-9 Plastic £230                

Olympic Blue -28g-7.5 Plastic  £230                

Superb- 28g-8- Plastic £266               

Superb- 28g-7.5-Plastic £266                

Superb- 28g-7.5-Fibre £               

VIP Sporting-28g-7.5-Fibre £315                

VIP Trap-24g-7-Plastic £293                

VIP Game-32g-5-Fibre £395                               

*20g* VIP Game-28g-6-Fibre £355                

*20g* CT20-21g-8-Fibre £263  

Rifle Ammunition                                        

NORMA 223 REM 40G V MAX  £30                 

NORMA 223 REM 50G V MAX  £30

NORMA 22-250 REM 50G V MAX  £41

NORMA 22-250 TIPSTRIKE 55G  £44

NORMA 243 WIN. 58G V MAX  £36

NORMA 308 WIN. TIPSTRIKE 170G  £61                 

GECO STAR 308 WIN 165G Lead Free  £38

NORMA 30-06 TIPSTRIKE 170G £63

GECO STAR 30-06 165G Lead Free  £39


NORMA 22LR 40G HP  £4.50  

ELEY 22LR 38G HP  £6.00

ELEY 22LR HV 38G HP  £6.00

ELEY 22LR CLUB 40G  £6.50


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday

09:00 - 16.30


08.00 - 12.00



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